About Us

WRITING, DRINKING, LAUGHING, THINKING. That sounds almost like a motto! Looking for elaborate graphics that make you look like a walking tattoo? Go elsewhere, my friend. We're probably not the site for you. We (in most cases) rely on simple text to get your point across. Turdnugget Teez offers t-shirts designed for individuals who want to say something without saying it. We love WRITERS. We love BEER. And we enjoy pondering the meaning of life after we've had some...BEER. Our customers are clever folks looking for clever ways to demonstrate their predilection for irreverent, politically incorrect humor. In other words, our customers love BEER.

We will never discriminate. If you are a WRITER--a WORDSMITH--then we salute you. We toast all of our fellow soldiers huddled in the querying trenches, no matter what your muse's lubricant of choice might be. Beer, wine, bourbon... mescaline.

All are welcome here, and we hope to cloak you in some duds that express some of the neuroses and angst currently plaguing you. Cheers and best regards.